Dream for America x DNC One-Sheet


  • Thousands of dollars in pilot Democracy Grants mobilizing students to organize for progressivism & stop Turning Point USA on campus
    • generated national coverage over counter protests against TPUSA & Kyle Rittenhouse’s college speaking tour at University of Memphis, Western Kentucky University, Kent State, & Clemson University
    • Newsweek
    • Twitter Video 1
    • Twitter Video 2
  • recruited hundreds of volunteers spanning 45+ states
  • chapters in every swing state (NV, AZ, TX, WI, MI, PA, NC, GA, FL)
  • list of campuses with chapters/volunteers:
    • UC Santa Cruz, UC Los Angeles, Heritage High School, Southern Door High School, Phillips Academy Andover, The Masters School, Beaverton High School, UMass Amherst, Penn State University, California State University – East Bay, Tarrant County College, Brookline High School, Troy High School, Florida State University, Cranbrook Kingswood High School, Mission Viejo High School, Ivy Tech Community College, Saddleback Community College, University of Georgia, Wellesley High School, UC San Diego, Towson University, Rock Hill High School, Ladue Horton Watkins High School, University of Georgia, Notre Dame College, Brookwood High School, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Great Lakes Learning Academy, Parish Episcopal School
  • conducted Pulse of Gen-Z poll showing broad support for Pres. Biden & forming the charting the course for our policy platform
  • unveiled our Gen-Z Bill of Right’s policy platform guiding our chapter organizing & digital messaging on reaching new demographics of young progressives
    • broad Gen-Z support for our platform & our general messaging that transcends demographics, party affiliation, & political ideology
  • leading the effort in backing and coordinating “Gen-Z’s Tour to Save Democracy” set to make bus stops in swing districts to turn the House blue


  • 50+ million impressions & accounts reached across social media
  • top reached audiences age range: 45% are 18-29 years old
  • 10,000 person grassroots organic email list
  • former Press Secretary & current Senior Advisor Kaivan Shroff regularly appeared on NewsNation, Fox News, ScrippsNews, and various podcasts and other media mediums
  • published several editorials in the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, & Courier Newsroom on youth issues, democracy, Pres. Biden, and more
  • helped coordinate the launch of Students for Biden & the historic Biden-Harris youth coalition endorsement


  • out-raising Turning Point USA’s first year fundraising 2-to-1 in just 6 months
  • HALF of our team represents swing-states or red-states
  • two-thirds of volunteers come from the suburbs or rural America
  • 48% of our volunteers identify as LGBTQ+
  • average grassroots contribution of $27
  • assembled a board of advisors composed of industry leading political strategists, community leaders, & elected officials

2024 & BEYOND

  • establish a robust national team
  • scale campus chapter presence to cover all 50 states (or at least all DNC swing state targets) 
  • expand social media following to reach hundreds of millions of accounts
  • gain high-profile media coverage & build strong political relationships
  • raise capital + sponsorships to organize DemocracyFest 2025 — a summit of the nation’s leading pro-democracy activists, organizers, & elected leaders
  • grow fundraising apparatus & small + large-dollar donor network
  • recruit content creators to create original & organic pro-democracy content to counter the TPUSA/PragerU media apparatus
  • distribute significant capital to students organizing with Democracy Grants