America Open For Business

The Founding Fathers considered monopolies to be detrimental to freedom. President Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison that he strongly disliked the omission of a “restriction against monopolies” from the Bill of Rights. One thing is clear: corporate monopolies are bad for our economy. They drive up prices, drive down quality, create waste and inefficiency, and kill free-market competition. Mega monopolies aren’t just taking advantage of the American tax code, they’re taking advantage of the American people. The real wealth of our nation lies not in corporate profits but in our people. Mom-and-pop stores and shops are the lifeblood of America and the real dynamos of American enterprise. Let’s protect American workers, consumers, and business owners so that all Americans can once again have an economy that works for all rather than the few and create a nation that’s truly open for business. That means:

  • Cutting taxes & eliminating red tape for small and local businesses.
  • Making it easier for Americans to start and operate businesses.
  • Creating a National Competition Administration (NCA) to foster market competition & solidify local business as the lifeblood of our economy.
  • Incentivizing “Made in America” manufacturing.
  • Expanding the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • Banning child labor exploitation.
  • Empowering the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).
  • Investing in good-paying jobs and skill-building training opportunities.
  • Expanding programs to incubate and mentor new entrepreneurs.
  • Cracking down on companies that send jobs and profits overseas. 
  • Strengthening collective bargaining, overtime rules, paid family and medical leave, and the union way of life.
  • Ensuring small businesses and contractors get paid — not stiffed.
  • Protecting workers from exploitation and union-busting.
  • Eliminating corporate & Wall Street tax loopholes.

Gen-Z's Blueprint for America:

  1. New Deal for the 21st Century
  2. America First in Quality of Life
  3. Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness
  4. Make America Cool Again
  5. Marshall Plan for America
  6. Wage A War on Poverty
  7. Achieve Universal Health Care
  8. World-Class Education
  9. Defend Our Democracy
  10. A Green New Century
  11. America Open For Business
  12. Stop the War on Drugs
  13. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
  14. Guarantee Our Rights & Freedoms
  15. Safe Streets & Secure Neighborhoods
  16. Affordable Housing for All
  17. Secure Borders & Immigration Reform
  18. Leadership At Home & Abroad
  19. End the Teenage Mental Health Crisis
  20. Prevent Gun Violence