Defend Our Democracy

From partisan gerrymandering and attempts to suppress the vote to the unfettered influence of big money in politics and Trump’s insurrection and Capitol riot on January 6th – our democracy is in serious peril. Democracy is not a given; it’s a dynamic process that requires constant vigilance and respect. In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in attacks on our democratic institutions and the values we hold as a nation. These attacks threaten to erode the very foundations of our Constitutional republic, but we must not give in to despair. Instead, we must stand up and defend our democracy – using our voices and our votes to protect the principles that make America great.

Even the strongest of nations aren’t immune to the erosion of their democracies. Amid class divisions and unresponsive institutions, our system breeds anger, fear, and vitriol. When forced into frustration, everyday citizens look towards authoritarian demagogues – who masquerade as saviors of the working man – grasping at extremist distractions from radical culture wars to scapegoating immigrants to find answers to our shared problems.

To cure the sickness of fascism, we must speak out against those who seek to divide and degenerate us. We must be a bulwark against the toxicity of hatred and intolerance. We must reject false narratives and put truth over lies. We must work to drive civic engagement, participation, and education. We must uphold the values of democracy in every tenet of our lives from elections to economics. We must craft an economy, a democracy, and a future built for all. Let’s pledge to defend democracy with all our might to ensure that America’s next generation can also enjoy the same democratic freedoms guaranteed to those that came before.

Strengthen Our Democracy

The most fundamental right in a democracy is the right to vote. White or black, male or female, rich or poor, old or young: we are all equal at the ballot box. Yet, in recent years, we have seen a concerted effort to suppress the votes of all Americans.

Moreover, our government is built on the credo: “we the people” – not “we the donors”. Americans are understandably cynical about a political system that has been hijacked by billionaires and special interests when our government and our elections are supposed to represent all Americans. Gen-Z is committed to building a democracy where every voice is heard, and every vote counts. That means:

  • Making Election Day a national holiday.
  • Automatic voter registration for every American over 18.
  • Restoring the voting rights of 6 million former felons who have already fully served their time.
  • Expanding early voting.
  • Universal access to mail-in ballots.
  • Lowering the voting age for local elections to 16.
  • Increasing polling places on Native American reservations.
  • Making voting more accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Keeping foreign money out of our elections.
  • Stopping secret, unaccountable money in elections.
  • Electing non-voting Congressional Delegates for American territories.
  • Allowing same-day voter registration.
  • Making Washington, D.C. the 51st state.
  • Ensuring a nonpartisan and fully resourced election administration to prevent unfair partisan skewing of our elections.
  • Ending partisan gerrymandering by enacting non-partisan redistricting commissions like that of Nebraska and Iowa.
  • Repairing the Voting Rights Act.

Gen-Z's Blueprint for America:

  1. New Deal for the 21st Century
  2. America First in Quality of Life
  3. Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness
  4. Make America Cool Again
  5. Marshall Plan for America
  6. Wage A War on Poverty
  7. Achieve Universal Health Care
  8. World-Class Education
  9. Defend Our Democracy
  10. A Green New Century
  11. America Open For Business
  12. Stop the War on Drugs
  13. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
  14. Guarantee Our Rights & Freedoms
  15. Safe Streets & Secure Neighborhoods
  16. Affordable Housing for All
  17. Secure Borders & Immigration Reform
  18. Leadership At Home & Abroad
  19. End the Teenage Mental Health Crisis
  20. Prevent Gun Violence