Leadership At Home & Abroad

America has been a positive force for good in the world. From Franklin Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy, our nation has always led the way in spreading peace, prosperity, and democracy. Many great leaders in our history have proven time and again that we can maintain strong relationships with our allies, while also sending clear messages to those who seek to bring us harm. In order to best secure our national interests and protect the American people, we must ground our foreign policy in strength, democracy, and diplomacy – leading the call for civil and human rights and rallying international cooperation in the fight against global injustice. That means:

  • Building a 21st-century military that is the best-trained, best-equipped, and most effective fighting force in the world governed by strategy and security that maximizes effect and drives down cost.
  • Multiplying the impact of our foreign aid with new measures for transparency and accountability & upholding the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Working with our allies to dismantle global terror networks.
  • Strengthening relationships with NATO allies & international partners.
  • Preserving international institutions & the global world order. 
  • Supporting Ukraine in its defense against Russia.
  • Upholding an ironclad relationship between the United States & Israel.
  • Supporting a two-state solution for Israel & Palestine.
  • Preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
  • Hardening defenses at home by investing in first responders, law enforcement, and intelligence officers with the right resources.
  • Investing in education, infrastructure, healthcare, & innovation to build an America strong at home – so we can lead abroad.
  • Expanding AmeriCorp, the Peace Corps, & other national service opportunities.
  • Mobilizing the world to address transnational crises like COVID-19.
  • Being a force against racism, antisemitism, and totalitarianism.
  • Taking care of our veterans when they return home by ensuring access to care & economic and education opportunities.
  • Leading the world on democracy, human rights, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, disability rights, labor standards, religious freedom, & Indigenous rights.

Fulfill Our Promise to Veterans

Every day, 22 veterans commit suicide. Over 30,000 veterans are homeless, and millions more have been disappointed by a system that fails to adequately address mental health or provide proper care, employment opportunities, and adequate support for societal reintegration. As a nation, we have a moral obligation to do more than offer some handshakes and platitudes. Those with the courage to defend our freedom, deserve that same courage from their government to provide an economy built for success and a country welcoming with open arms. That means:

  • Fully funding and resourcing the VA & eliminating VA-benefit backlogs.
  • Guaranteeing access to comprehensive mental health services.
  • Ensuring that all VA facilities meet the world-class standards of care.
  • Drastically decreasing the veteran suicide rate.
  • Supporting military spouses in pursuing education, seeking jobs, building careers, & starting families.

Gen-Z's Blueprint for America:

  1. New Deal for the 21st Century
  2. America First in Quality of Life
  3. Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness
  4. Make America Cool Again
  5. Marshall Plan for America
  6. Wage A War on Poverty
  7. Achieve Universal Health Care
  8. World-Class Education
  9. Defend Our Democracy
  10. A Green New Century
  11. America Open For Business
  12. Stop the War on Drugs
  13. Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
  14. Guarantee Our Rights & Freedoms
  15. Safe Streets & Secure Neighborhoods
  16. Affordable Housing for All
  17. Secure Borders & Immigration Reform
  18. Leadership At Home & Abroad
  19. End the Teenage Mental Health Crisis
  20. Prevent Gun Violence